Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minnesota 500?

This unique publication—produced by Greenspring Media, the publisher of Minnesota Monthly magazine—celebrates our state’s leading business executives across myriad industries. After lengthy research and due diligence, our editors have selected the top 500 Minnesota executives for the impact they continue to make not only at their workplaces and industries, but on their communities. The collective reach and impact of this powerful group of executives is nothing short of amazing.

How were the executives in Minnesota 500 selected?

The Minnesota 500 began as a list of more than 7,000 executives across multiple industries in the state of Minnesota. After countless months of research and extensive use of existing databases on behalf of our editors, we culled this down to the top 500. We used a host of criteria in the process, looking at everything from the impact each executive has had/is having on their industry as a whole (both in their current role and prior roles), the success and impact the company itself has had/is having under their leadership, special awards or accolades both in the executives’ professional and/or personal lives, participation in community/philanthropic endeavors, position on other boards, and the like.

Is there a cost to participate?

No. This is purely an editorial awards-based program. Furthermore, the 500 executives selected for this year will be included in the magazine regardless of whether or not they complete the verification form. We provide a verification form as a way to allow the honorees to add professional and personal insights to their profiles and provide in-depth reflections on their professional history.

When will the upcoming issue be printed?

The 2022 Minnesota 500 will be published in a standalone magazine (perfect bound due to the size)published by Greenspring Media, the parent of Minnesota Monthly as well as a host of other publications and websites. The 2022 publication mailed in December 2022.

How can I see the current list of Minnesota 500?

If you are an honoree in the current year’s edition but have not received a complimentary copy of the publication by the end of October, please email Otherwise, please visit our Purchase page to see which print or digital option fits your needs.

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